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The Studio

graham in the artwork studioSupplied artwork of any format will be made print ready by our expert pre-press staff. If you require a brochure, leaflet or logo designed our studio rates competitive and we can quote per design. If you've completed your artwork already then upon receipt of your copy, pictures and instructions we can supply you with an estimate for your print ready artwork.
If you are supplying a description for artwork please make sure you give as much information as possible. We will not charge for minor changes but there would be additional costs if we were requested to do any major changes to your original copy/brief.


Graphic Artists

graham in the artwork studioWe have a team of experienced graphic designers to help turn your ideas into printed reality. They're able to offer sensible advice that may prove to save you money and/or add more impact to your printed campaign. There's a wealth of creativity in their approach to graphic design, it's sometimes fun just to chat with them about what they can do for you. If you're stuck for an idea about how to promote something or are just fed up with your current graphics and literature why not give RM Phoenix a call and ask to speak with one of the designers. They're usually quite busy, but if they can't talk with you right away they'll call you back.

The front end pre-press artwork facilities are some of the most up-to-date available in the market place today. Typically with beefed up computers to handle large complicated graphics speedily and efficiently. Our team has at their disposal the the industry standard software ie. Quark, Freehand, Illustrator and Word etc. plus many others. If you have work saved in other software please give us a call to find out compatibility.

Our graphic designers and pre-press staff can easily convert artwork from more traditional methods. Feel free to provide us with pictures and/or line-art mechanicals that we can scan for you. Our scanning facilities are able to scan work well beyond the resolutions that are required for printing. This means you can be assured of quality reproductions of your photos and artwork.



Supplied Artwork

Following these supplied artwork guidelines ensures that there are no delays with printing. All details, including invoice, delivery and printing instructions must be sent along with the files. If you have a designer sending files on your behalf, please forward them the details so that they can be supplied along with the finished artwork.


Saved as CMYK or Spot colour


Saved as PDF, Tiff, EPS or JPG Format.


Include all images and fonts. All jobs saved as version 5 or earlier Quark.


Include all embedded images & convert all text to curves

Corel Draw:

Saved as Tiff, EPS or JPG and convert all text to curves.


Saved as Tiff, EPS or JPG and convert all text to curves.


All screen and postscript fonts need to be supplied unless converted to curves.


All colours on documents need to be CMYK or Spot colour, RGB is not acceptable.


When supplying images, ensure that they are scanned at 100% of their reproduced size with a resolution of 300dpi.

Bleed (trim) & Cutting:

All files need 3mm bleed for cutting. If files are supplied without any bleed they will be given a border, so they can be cut correctly. For printing to be finished correctly, please ensure that any text or logos are 4mm away from the edge.

NB: Documents that are designed in any of the following programs or colour settings are not considered print ready and a minimum charge of £20 will be made for work we have to do. Pagemaker, Photopaint Pro, any Microsoft program, RGB, Indexed colour, PICT or Lab colour. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call our design team (01728 747138) who will be more than willing to help


TELEPHONE: 01728 747 138

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